Welcome to Financial Independence with 2 Kids.  My goal is to identify and explore unique ways that parents can work towards FI.  I have been working towards Financial Independence for 5 years, and I discovered when I became a parent 3 years ago that many new hurdles appeared on my path.  I explored most of the leading FI blogs and podcasts, but I found that most of the lifestyle optimization side was impractical for a family.  Some examples include:

  • Life in Flip: Who wants a baby who barely sleeps to begin with living in a construction site?
  • Cutting the Cord: Who is going to explain to my toddler that they can’t watch Disney Junior?
  • Tiny House/RV Living: How would school age children get an adequate education?

These are only a few of the limitations that parents will see when diving into the FI community. In the future I will discuss these types of topics as well as unique opportunities that exist for parents working toward FI.

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