From a young age I knew that I wanted to have a family.  Coming from a close family of two children with loving parents I always wanted to recreate that experience as a father.  Growing up in this family unit I was always very thrifty.  I would be the child to save my whole allowance for a bike or some other large purchase.  This was very different than my sister.  She would spend all of hers on little items week in and week out.  My parents always stressed the importance of saving for a rainy day, but mostly in the “Save 10% and everything will work out” sort of way.  There was very little thought about tactics, tricks or optimizations within the “Set it and Forget it” mindset on savings.

Here at FIwith2Kids we take this general frugal mindest and apply the nouveaux methods of the Financial-Independence-Retire-Early community to a family lifestyle.  Our goal is to find ways to optimize the family lifestyle (cable, toys, vacations, etc.), manage careers and allocate time, develop an estate plan, amongst other topics.  Please enjoy!