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DIY Savings Case Study: Oven Repair

Today we will walk through a Do-It-Yourself savings case study. This example will illustrate how with a little effort you can save significant money on home projects/repairs. SITUATION One night recently I was making dinner when I thought I smelled natural gas. I had turned the oven on to preheat it a few minutes prior so I went to see what was going on. When I opened the oven I got a strong gas smell so I immediately shut it off. I also noticed that the oven was still room temperature. After a few minutes of letting the fumes dissipate, I decided to give it another try. Unfortunately the second try was still unsuccessful resulting in the same gas smell. TROUBLESHOOTING Since we decided to…
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Use a Savings Stack to Hack Your Current Spending

Today I will discuss how to use a Savings Stack.  As I have discussed in Save More of Make More I typically only focus on saving money on Cars and Housing and leave the rest for others.  However, I have stumbled upon ways to hack your existing spending in other categories that are too good not to share. The method that I employ is to couple credit card savings with other savings programs to multiply the savings. This can be done with most retailers, but my favorite is to utilize this with my normal grocery chain. Since I cook most of my meals at home (another way to save big money), I buy groceries every week. This means there is always an opportunity to employ this strategy….
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